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Cable-Stayed Bridges of Europe - A Pictorial



  • Avesta: Footbridge     (2000)
      Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2003
  • Borlänge: Vägverkets Museum (Swedish Road Authority Museum)
Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2000
  • Dals Långed: Bridge across Dalslands Kanal at Mustadfors

Bridge replaced by new bridge of different design!

Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2003
  • Eskilstuna: Footbridge across Eskilstunaån    (2006)
                             Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2008 
Geographical position:   N 59º 22,944'  E 016º 28,534'


  • Göteborg: 2 small footbridges
Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2005
  • Hajstorp: Bridge across Göta Kanal    (1830´s)
                                                                                       Photo: Björn Wåhlin, 2002                                                         Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2003
  • Hallsberg: Footbridge across the railway station
  Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2002, 2007
  • Haninge: Footbridge across Gudöbroleden
  Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2002
  • Håverud: Bridge across Dalslands Kanal
Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2003
  • Hägernäs (suburb of Stockholm): Footbridge for playing children
    Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2003
  • Hässleholm: Footbridge at the railway station    (1995)
Photo: Per Wåhlin, 2004

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