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Welcome to my Home Page! 

My name is Per W娬in.  I was born in 1943 and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I divide my free time between quite a few interests, of which I wish to present one on this page and its extensions.

With the update of December, 2004, this home page will be limited to the presentation of my bridge interest: Cable-stayed bridges. 

I am often asked why I concentrate on this kind of bridge, when there are so many other bridges to see. The answer is that the cable-stayed bridges, as well as being the latest in bridge technology, also come closest to my architectural ideal. I find (especially) the big ones absolutely fascinating!

To get to their fascinating world, click on the "Cable-stayed Bridges" button above!


This is the second version of my Pictorial of the cable-stayed bridges of Europe. The first one, on another address, was paired with the Chronology of the architectural works of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. Due to a mistake I made in the program, all the writings made for that subject are gone. I shall in time endeavour to remake the Pei pages, in a slightly different form than it was before. However, as my Home Page  is big enough as it is with only bridges on it, this remake will be made on another site.

Now, you are all welcome to surf around on these pages of mine. Hopefully some of you will be as excited as I am about the subject. Everyone is welcome to send pictures and information on bridges; use the e-mail address seen at the bottom of all pages.

As of the December, 2007 update, a page called "Beyond Europe" is introduced, which will present photographs of cable-stayed bridges outside Europe.

Version 3 introduced in December 2010: The "1000 Photographed Cable-Stayed Bridges in Europe" mark has been reached. Thereby the list of not-photographed bridges of the respective countries has been discontinued.

Enjoy yourselves!


Yours truly, Per W娬in

Stockholm, December, 2010



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