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Cable-Stayed Bridges of Europe... and Beyond

 A Pictorial

VERSION 2 - Published December, 2004; last update: July, 2010             

VERSION 3 - Published December, 2010; latest update: June, 2011

Yours truly, with new companion

Having reached and exceeded 1000 photographed cable-stayed bridges in Europe, the site enters Version 3.

The difference compared to Version 2 is mainly that the list of not-photographed-bridges has been discontinued, apart from "historic" bridges, which in most cases do not exist any more, and therefore cannot be photographed. Therefore, the various pages on this site contain only photographed, existing bridges.

I wish to remind my esteemed readers and visitors that all picture contributions to this site are welcome.



The alleged first modern cable-stayed bridge (in the following: "CS bridge") was opened in 1956 in Strömsund, Sweden. Since then over 1600 of them have been built in Europe alone, for all sorts of uses: for cars, for trains, for pedestrians and cyclists, for industrial uses, and the design variations are seemingly endless, as can be seen on these pages.

The purpose of this Pictorial is to collect on one site on the Internet as many as possible of the European CS bridges, presenting a lot of pictures but otherwise, apart from location, giving  a minimum of other than visual information. Technical and other information must be sought elsewhere. 

My "job" is to keep pictures and locations up to date. As indicated on my Home Page this is a hobby of mine, and I take no responsibility for the completeness of the material provided, although my intention is to make the list as complete as possible.

Anyone who visits this Page, and who knows of a CS bridge, regardless of size, function or age, which is not included on these pages, is invited to contact me by e-mail, with information for its inclusion.

The pictures are taken by myself, my family, friends and colleagues, and by a few other kind contributors. All photographers are named at their respective picture(s).

Table of statistics on updates:

Date of Update

Number of bridges on site(Europe only) Number of pictured bridges Comments
December, 2001


July, 2002





New picture countries:          Czech Republic, Latvia, Luxembourg,  Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey
April, 2003


270 New picture countries:       Ireland, Scotland
June, 2003


309 (England, Scotland, Wales joined in "United Kingdom" (UK)).  Main updates: UK, Sweden
December, 2003 810 319 New picture country: Hungary.                                     Main update: France
December, 2004 951 423 Main updates: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands.                    Countries with no pictures moved into the general list
June, 2005 1035 472 New picture countries:       Ireland, Latvia                         Main update: Spain
December, 2005 1123 501 New picture country: Poland                                         Main update:  United Kingdom   
June, 2006 1178 539 New picture country:    Lithuania                                  Main updates: Greece, Italy, Poland                                        From this update: GPS information added on newly visited bridges
December, 2006 1228 588 Main updates: Germany, Slovakia
June, 2007 1283 640 Main updates: The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain                       
December, 2007 1351 From Europe: 680

From Beyond Europe: 2

Main update: Austria. Introducing the Beyond Page, for bridges beyond Europe
June, 2008 1406 From Europe: 743

From Beyond Europe: 7

Main updates: Germany, The Netherlands                              New picture country:  Russia     
December, 2008 1505 From Europe: 852

From Beyond Europe: 55

Main updates: Beyond Europe, France, Germany, United Kingdom (pictures from
June, 2009 1534 From Europe:  925

From Beyond Europe:  71

Main updates: Beyond Europe, Czech Republic, United Kingdom (England, Wales)
December, 2009 1608 From Europe: 970

From Beyond Europe: 72

Main updates: Belgium, Italy
July, 2010 1629 From Europe: 991

From Beyond Europe: 81

December, 2010 (Statistics discontinued - see intro above re Version 3) From Europe: 1061

From Beyond Europe: 84

Main updates: Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom (England, Wales)
June, 2011   From Europe: 1080

From Beyond Europe: 86

Main update: Finland, Spain  New Pictures countries: Malta, Slovenia, Montenegro


Follow these links to your country of interest:

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France    Germany    Greece    Hungary   Iceland    Ireland    Italy    Latvia    Lithuania     Luxembourg   Montenegro   Netherlands   

Norway    Poland  Portugal    Romania    Russia    Serbia     Slovakia    Slovenia    Spain    Sweden    Switzerland

Turkey    Ukraine    United Kingdom



Several persons have over time provided input to this site in the form of comments, information and pictures. The picture providers are quoted at their pictures, with thanks.

Enjoy yourselves!

Per Wåhlin, Stockholm, Sweden


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